Milk Project

I'm Nicole from Elteren. I was born in 1986 and grew up in the Netherlands. I have a bachalor degree in International Fashion Management and have worked nearly 4 years for an international clothing brand as a merchandise planner. By 2012 I went to Malawi for a short mission trip . Once back home I couldn't settle down, I kept thinking about Malawi and decided to quit my job and to go back for a year to see what God had plannes for me. God's plan turned out differently than the plans I had.

Currently I'm living for more than 3 years in Nkhoma, Malawi. I started my own organization and support almost 100 vulnerable (orphan)children. If there is nobody to care for the children I take them into my house, care for them and nurs them back to health. Five girls are living with me long term, I care for them, let them go to school and teach them the gospel. I adopted a Malawian girl and is currently in the adoption process of another girl. I had never imagined that my life would change so, but I am grateful to God each day for the family that he has given me.

During my stay in Malawi I saw that there was a high need to help orphans and vulnerable babies. That's why I started the dairy project and give these children include milk powder lactogen. Lactogen milk powder is very expensive and not affordable for most families in the villages. When a mother dies or isn't able to breastfeed due to illness, they feed the babies a maize porridge, which leads to severe malnutrition. I support these families, give them lactogen milk powder and teach them about hygiene and health. I provide them their basic needs such as bottles, soap and clothing. I also teach them about agriculture; how they can improve their harvest, about crop rotation and sustainability.

Children and families who are included in the milk project are supported for at least two years. Only when they find themselves back in good health and they can provide for their own needs, the Africare Foundation let them go. This way, almost 100 children have received a new future.

– Help a child, change a life –