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Tapiwa Weluzani

Door complicaties tijdens de zwangerschap zijn Faiza en Tapiwa middels een keizersnede te vroeg en met een erg laag geboortegewicht geboren. After surgery, the wound of the mother became infected which made her very ill. She was unconscious for several days. The grandmother stayed with the children at the Kangaroo ward of the hospital and took care of them. The mother stayed almost two months in the hospital. Because of her illness she produced only a small amount of breast milk. The Africare Foundation supports the family with lactogen milk, Likuni phala and basic necessities such as bottles, soap and clothing.

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Residence: Mazengera, Madzumbi, Chimwenje
Surname: Weluzani
First Name: Tapiwa
Sex: Female (twin)
Birthdate: 04-07-2014
Prematurity: Yes: 30-32 weeks
Birthweight: 1400g
Father: Good
Mother: Good, little breastfeeding because of infected wound after cesarean. ( Name : Dorothy Weluzani, DOB: 1994)
Total number of children of mother:2
Total number of deceased children : 0


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